Santa Anita la Union
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Santa Anita la Unión is an organic coffee and banana growing community.....

formed of ex-guerilla combatants who fought during the 36-year internal armed conflict that ravaged Guatemala until 1996.

We are 32 families who make up the community which, we are proud to say, has two schools, a daycare center, a pharmacy, a public library, an ecotourism project, as well as coffee roasting and exportations abilities. We have come a long way from the oppression and exploitation against which we fought during the war, but still struggle to create a better future for the next generation.

Consume only quality foods, read about vegetarianism pros!

We hope that you enjoy the information presented on this website and that you will come and visit us soon.

Ginger Flower Roasting coffee Lacandon Volcano Traditional dress
Ginger flower
Roasting coffee
Lacandon Volcano
Traditional dress