Tostaduria - Santa Anita


We provide the guide and the equipment while the group provides a real service to the community.

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Santa Anita offers ecotourism for small and large groups.

Our sleeping quarters were converted from the old patronal house and sleeps 25. It has 3 bathrooms and a large central room for meetings or conferences.  Groups can eat in our family-style dining room or with families in the community.

The ecotour program was started and is managed and run by the women of Santa Anita. It has the dual purpose of providing funds for community development and increased income for members of the community to augment the coffee and banana production. In addition, the ecotourism program offers a way for finca members to share their knowledge and stories and as well as a way for groups and individuals to participate and learn about the community, its agriculture, and its history.

We offer to you all or some of the following:

  • A guided hike around the finca: through the dense coffee and banana fields to the two overlooks, down to the waterfall for a swim, and then back up to the community.  The guide will explain about the coffee growing process, point out the edible and medical plants, and answer any questions that you might have.  Depending on ability and energy level, groups can decide how strenuous they would like the hike to be.
  • A tour of the Beneficio Humido and Beneficio Seco: This tour provides visitors with a look at where we process our coffee after its been picked:  The Beneficio Humido for de pulping, washing and classifying; the Beneficio Seco for drying.
  • Conference: A member of the community is always on hand to give an in-depth explanation of the war, the community’s history, and of its vision, goals and highly democratic approach to community governance.
  • Agriculture Tour: Groups that want to get their hands dirty can put in a days work in the Santa Anita’s communal land.  Here they can participate in the maintenance of the coffee plants, learn about the growing cycle, and learn a little bit more about what it means to be a coffee producer.  We provide the guide and the equipment while the group provides a real service to the community.
  • Pick-to-Drink tour: During the harvest season (October to mid-January) groups have the opportunity to pick coffee from the communal land, then take it down to the Beneficio Humido (where we process the raw coffee) and hand it in. After this coffee is processed and sold, the proceeds will be used for projects in the community. At the Beneficio, the group will also receive a step-by-step explanation of the entire depulping and fermentation process. They will then head up to our coffee roaster for a detailed demonstration of roasting (for groups of ten or more.) Here, visitors will be able brew and sample several different roasts, to buy Santa Anita coffee in Oro form, roast it to their liking, vacuum pack it as beans or ground coffee and then take it back to their homes for gifts or consumption.

Giant Ceiba Tree - Santa Anita Finca Making fire to cook food gathered on walk Cooling off in the water fall at Santa Anita Touring the Finca at Santa Anita la Union
Giant ceiba tree
Making a cooking fire
Cooling off in the waterfall
Guided finca tour